[The Arts of Pop-Ups #1] Art in Space, Media Art and Pop-Up Store

Beyond The Online

The long pandemic is over. External activities, which had been stagnant for the past three years, gradually regained vigor, cultureㆍIncluding the field of art, society as a whole welcomed a new wind of change. First of all, a high demand for offline space can be found. People feel a thirst for outdoor activities more than ever, are willing to open their wallets, and reveal their values and tastes in spaces and products that can 'enjoy daily life better'. In line with these changes, companies are also returning to offline from e-commerce and are eager to innovate space. It is to try a challenge for a surprising and different consumer experience that is different from before the pandemic. Provide direct contact between brands and customers offline space, Let's find out the optimal marketing solution that can increase brand preference.

Pop-Up Store, Bringing Space Trend (Pop-Up Store Trend)

(Source: AMOREPACIFIC 'Life Oasis')

Pop-Up Storehas become a trend that so-called 'hot' brands must try. As the name implies, this is a one-off offline store that appears and then disappears, and is used as a strategic communication channel between brands and consumers in that they can spend a unique time with the brand for a limited time.
However, in order to achieve clear marketing effects in a short period of time, a different strategy for customer visits is needed. Beyond simple product promotion, it should be able to provide a 'one-of-a-kind' experience and space for communication, and various contents that can pioneer the lifestyle of customers are required. 

Media Art, talking about 'Instagramable'

Brands are making efforts to show 'our brand' without adding or subtracting through the operation of various contents in pop-up stores. The emerging content form at this time is media art. This is because it is effective in visually imprinting the brand image on the main consumer in a short period of time at the present time, familiar with mass media, and furthermore, creating 'Instagrammable' brand content. Today, we will look into cases in which media art is applied to brand promotion, and how media art is being used as a channel for brand communication.

1. Dior Fall 2021 Men's Collection London Pop-up (Fall21 Men's collection)

- Operation period: 2021.05

(Source: theglassmagazine)

Dior, a world-renowned luxury brand, actively utilizes media art in its pop-up store VMD, actively presenting a luxurious yet sensuous and young Dior image.
At the Dior pop-up store held at The Selfridges Corner Shop in London, which has an impressive surrealistic space in collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf, a display with interactive motion sensors and a space decorated with space creatures-themed balloons immerse visitors in a sense of mystery. designed to feel.

2. Dolce & Gabbana DG POP (DOLCE & GABBANA DG POP)

- Operation period: 2021.06.02 ~ 2021.06.08

(Source: NAKED, INC)

Dolce & Gabbana's Shinjuku pop-up store did not limit media art to the role of VMD (Visual Merchandising). This is an example of more direct use as a window for direct communication with consumers through AR and interactive media art. The front of the pop-up store is in the form of interactive media art, and you can enjoy the flowers blooming according to the movement of the person standing in front of the display. In addition, if you read cards that can be received at the pop-up store through the [Naked in play!] app, you can enjoy an AR experience in which flower artworks from the 2021 Pre-fall collection are scattered.

3. Hyundai Sonata de edge

- Operation period: 2023.04.19 ~ 2023.04.26

Hyundai Motor Company opened a pop-up in Seongsu-dong in accordance with the pre-reservation date for the Sonata The Edge. It is a pop-up exhibition that expresses Hyundai Motor Company's philosophy and Sonata's design elements, such as seamless horizon lamps, panoramic curved displays, and H-lights, through large-scale media art.

(Source: Hyundai Motor Company official website)
(Source: CUZ)

In line with the concept of 'Journey to a New Continent', it is designed to fully experience 'Sonata the Edge' through media art based on Sonata's design elements. You can feel the brand in another form on a more conceptual level beyond simply test-driving or driving a completed body in the showroom.

4. Hyundai Re:Style project

- Operation period: 2023.03.23 ~ 2023.04.09

Hyundai Motor Company constantly presents its vision as a lifestyle brand beyond automobile products. The Re:style project, which is being made as an attempt, recycles discarded car bodies and recreates them as sustainable fashion items in the future. Celebrating its 4th anniversary this year, it unveiled a collection in collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott and opened a pop-up store in Seongsu-dong.

As soon as visitors enter, they will appreciate large-scale media art that shows Hyundai Motor Company's interest in and vision for the environment. Afterwards, you can see media art in the form of a fashion film collaborated with model Lauren Basser, called the Golden Bridge, along with the collection.

(Source: Hyundai Motors official YouTube)

5. Kia Motors Opposites United

- Operation period: 2022.10.01 ~ 2022.10.23

Kia Motors' Opposites United is a media art pop-up exhibition where you can intuitively experience Kia's design philosophy through six immersive media art spaces. It is an exhibition planned to share Kia Motors' new design philosophy, and it contains the meaning of creating something new through the fusion of two conflicting concepts.

(Source: Kia Motors official YouTube, youtube.com/@KiaKorea)

6. Coca-Cola dream world

- Operation period: 2022.10.22 ~ 2022.12.04

As part of the 'Coca-Cola Creation' project, Coca-Cola is carrying out a brand pop-up with a vision to provide a new Coca-Cola brand experience through creative ideas and collaboration. The third project is 'Coca-Cola Dream World', a pop-up store opened near Hongdae, Seoul.

(Source: Articles related to Coca-Cola Dream World)

'Coca-Cola Dream World' has a theme of 'eternal nature'. It is a concept that goes beyond media art thematic halls where you can feel various natural objects with the themes of beach, jungle, and thunder, and heads to 'Dream World'. Befitting the name 'Dream World', that is, dreamland, it induces a dream-like experience in everyday life through immersive media art. In other words, media art was actively utilized to realize a fantastic and surreal feeling.

Although it was a brand event created by boldly breaking away from the red tone, which was the existing brand color, Coca-Cola's image was clearly imprinted and what it wanted to convey was clearly revealed and received a positive response.

7. Gentle Monster

- Operation period: 2023.04.28 ~ 2023.05.14

Gentle Monster is a brand that consistently presents high-quality art marketing. The Seongsu pop-up store, which was held to commemorate the launch of the 2023 BOLD collection, also drew attention for its unique concept of artwork, and the opening of this pop-up store was also decorated with media art.

(Source: Gentle Monster official YouTube)

Gentle Monster emphasizes VFX effects not only in this pop-up store but also in all offline stores, establishing itself as a sensuous and hip brand among MZ consumers.

(Source: CUZ) 

Seongsu-dong became a community of culture and innovation at some point.
As a battleground for brands, pop-up stores of various brands are open every day. Perhaps you can find pop-up stores and exotic brands that seem far from the keywords of media art.

8. Samhwa Paint My Aura

- Operation period: 2023.05.05 ~ 2023.05.14

(Source: Samhwa Paint press release)

Through the operation of Smart Store, Samhwa Paint identified a high proportion of MZ women who are interested in 'decorating the house' and 'self-interior' among paint consumers. Based on these results, the pop-up store 'My Aura' was opened on the 5th in Seongsu-dong, based on the brand slogan 'Because it's Samhwa, it's safe'. As befits a plan targeting MZ women, this pop-up store actively utilized the photo zone using media art.

In the media art zone of Samhwa Paint My Aura, media art with the theme of a space full of one's own aura provides an experience as if coming to a world different from reality, and as Samhwa's slogan, 'complete peace of mind' is provided. In other words, the sensuous direction of the brand was realized through the surreal appreciation of media art.

concluding words

Korea is now in the golden age of pop-up stores.

It may be natural for the MZ generation, who are sensitive to fashion and like to express themselves through purchases, to be enthusiastic about pop-up stores. In a world where new concepts and spaces are constantly emerging, brands must create more unique and rare experiences to survive.

Riding this trend, it is expected that media art contents will be used in more fields in the future as a way to approach consumers in a new and sensuous way beyond time and space.