CUZ implemented the kinetic typography of the game concept with the theme of trivial inconveniences that can be experienced in everyday life.

The various moments we face in life are not always full of fun, but if we can find a small element of laughter even in such a situation, our daily life will be a little more enjoyable. By smiling at the difference between irritation and laughter, we can spend every moment with a more relaxed mind.

'Scroll to start' consists of a total of 4 game stages inconvenient situations that occur without countermeasures at unexpected moments, and each is expressed in a different style of kinetic typography. The emotions that can be felt in each situation are visually expressed through the movement of the typo on the screen, color, animated background, and geometric shape graphics. This is intended to hope that we can all enjoy each situation in our own way and pass it one by one, just as we solve the missions and obstacles in the game one by one. By approaching and experimenting with such diverse topics, CUZ wants to complete works that a wider public can relate to.

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