Sports enjoyed through XR, a drama that creates a reversal

It ain't over till it's over.

It's not over until it's over.

American baseball player, Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

match without spectators

Behind-the-scenes games are usually a form of infliction on the offending team. Punishmentam. In the position of the club, there is no revenue from admission, resulting in financial damage, and in the position of sports fans, it is regrettable that they cannot support their team while watching. So this is mainly given to clubs and fans, not individual players. penaltyam.

However, COVID-19 worldwide Due to the pandemic, domestic sports events in 2020 had no choice but to switch to games without spectators. It was an environment where it was difficult for spectators to gather, but it was not possible to stop all the game schedules, so I had to digest the schedule even without spectators. In the meantime, domestic sports leagues were exported overseas and received a lot of attention.

XR technology and content to help you watch sports

Watching sports directly at the stadium is simply It is not just the use of sight and hearing. Many sports fans invest time and money to get to the stadium, find a seat, and raise their voices to support their favorite team. And the sense of kinship with others, cheers and joy, or frustration that can be felt there is passed on to the memory of the audience through all senses.


However, in the non-face-to-face era, you have no choice but to watch sports in front of a TV or monitor. Viewing on the screen is a fairly old method and has not changed much. Therefore, it is not surprising that the recent sports broadcasting actively uses VR and AR technologies.

It is not just a simple fan service, but a new experience that can be delivered to the audience. business modelam. So today, we are going to look into XR contents and technologies that can deliver a new experience to the audience in sports.

360 degree camera

A 360-degree camera, which has appeared in many movies, TV media, and sports events and has become quite familiar, is a camera that creates spherical photos and videos by shooting horizontally and vertically 360 degrees in all directions. Virtual reality (VR) contentIt is often used in the production of , and is also called a VR camera. In sports broadcasting, it is often used to help referees make decisions or to show scenes from angles that are difficult for the audience to see.

In Korea, 360-degree cameras are often used for sports broadcasting, and domestic telecommunications companies also use 360-degree sports broadcasting to promote their 5G technology. Using this, the user can watch the relayed video at a desired angle while switching.


It is being produced by a startup called, and it is a solution that allows you to watch augmented information together with sports using an AR device. DreamlandXR won Best Sports Project at CES 2020 in Las Vegas Awardsdid.

The biggest advantage of ARISE is that fans can enjoy AR-enhanced information along with their favorite sport. To analyze the game using real-time information, rankings and statistics of the player selected by the user new give waycan do. In addition to smartphones, it will be applied to various smart glasses such as Magic Leap, Nreal, and HoloLens.

Information related to the game can be viewed both inside and outside the stadium. Users can get more information through players' profiles and real-time data from home. So the ARISE solution will be a gift given to fans. A new way to watch sports will further enhance the fun of watching.

Next VR

Next VR provides various entertainment events such as sports games and concerts. Live streaming with 360 degree VR videoIt is a company that has the technology to It is a company with experience and experience in producing and transmitting 360-degree content in various sports and entertainment industries, such as NBA matches, WWE WrestleMania, and boxing matches.

In 2020, by Apple, which recognized the value of the company has been taken over Apple's aggressive investment is deeply related to the development of XR glasses. In addition, there have already been several reports that Apple is developing virtual reality or augmented reality products from several years ago. 

concluding remarks

Supporting your favorite team or player will always be fun and passionate. Sports and spectators are inseparable, and so are art and spectators. Only one side cannot exist unilaterally, and each other must be in a relationship that can support each other. So maybe XR technology could be a tool to support sports with you.